Before I begin very sorry for the late review, it’s been a crazy time this past couple of weeks. But special thank you once again to St. Martin’s Press for considering me for this epic roller coaster of an ARC, and I hope to be considered for others again soon. Now on to the good stuff … The story was split up in between the POV’s of Kate Youngblood a middle-aged established author and creative writing professor at Blackwood University who feels invisible after her divorce from her husband of ten years Pablo. She often contemplates whether or not she has any appeal at all to offer anyone, especially when she basically walked in on her husband with a much younger woman versus a time where had the eye of every man throwing themselves at her. On top of this, her latest book Hidden Depths tanks and she’s seemingly going through a creative slump as a whole; Until Sam Grist her 22-year-old student and aspiring author comes along and systematically turns Kate’s world upside down, with his burning desire that knows no limits, and unyielding resolve to make her his by any means necessary talk about hot for teacher. From Kate’s very first book Pay Dirt Sam formed an instant animal attraction through the power of Kate’s words, feeling as though she were the only one that could ever understand him despite the giant age difference between them. My favorite character is definitely had to be Sam he was methodical and calculating despite a few slip-ups down the line, and he also reminded me so much of Christine Grey just minus the billions of dollars, the S&M lifestyle, and again that resolve to just get Kate to see things his way whether it was for her own good or not, and how he just seemed to know every thought she was going to make just adds to his appeal to me. Kate was a character I could somewhat empathize with, I could definitely feel her pain page by page throughout the story from students she taught and how she described them, to the way her life had been set up before, during and after devastation the divorce had brought her. I really had a lot of fun reading this novel and will definitely add this to my list of re-reads this year, there were just so many moments that I was had to put the book down after some of the exchanges which is a very good thing I promise any novel that can get me to do this as a reader has truly got something special and I look forward to future reads from this author.


😦 A question comes to mind, as I’m sure it’s already been asked by others before … why when people decide to direct a live action anime series, film, or mangas … why! oh, why! do they feel the need to screw everything up!? I mean honestly, people haven’t anime communities had enough of this already? Are we really just that numb in our hopes that we’ll finally get one or two done right that we’re really willing to just suffer with whatever comes out and when? It’s happened to so many GOOD shows already to the point where it’s just pathetic… A few of these include:

  5. ATTACK ON TITAN and now just yesterday courtesy of Netflix

and this list goes on. Now before people judge me as some overly sensitive weeb that wants to cry and moan because their favorite show and/or anime got a crappy live action adaptation and how it’s “happens to everyone” … understand this, yes it’s true that it happens to everyone and maybe the overall purpose of these crappy adaptations are put on display so that we’d cling to and appreciate the classics more but don’t the classics or more modern shows that we’ve all grown to love, and want to cosplay year after year deserve more in terms of live adaptations? Don’t they at least deserve directors who are going to actually take the time to get into the original source material before trying their hand at attempting to make their own renditions of an overwise GOOD story? Or has true creativity died altogether in favor of the same regurgitated formulas and lax writing by just slapping some familiar names in there in the hopes that people will buy those over priced tickets and keep paying for their streaming services just to keep seeing the original source material being assassinated in the eyes of thousands and in fury curse the directors for making these monstrosities happen over and over again? Tell me what you guys who seen it. Are there some like minded people who feel the same? Are there some who like this new rendition as is? So far the only good thing I’ve seen about it is Ryuk and that’s just by watching the trailer.


Played the first season as I’m sure most have already and had my world turned upside down 😂Haven’t had the chance to play season 2 just yet with work and other obligations taking up my time … now that my girl Harley Quinn’s making an appearance in the game I definitely need to find some extra time to get this đŸ˜Š


First look at Harley Quinn in Telltale’s ‘Batman: The Enemy Within’

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From Season 1 The Saga of Tanya the Evil had stolen my heart with only 12 episodes now the question is when’s season 2 coming? Apparently, there’s been some leaks online that this upcoming season which has yet to be announced will run a span of 26 episodes. I could be one of those people and say “well it was a lot more than what the AOT season 2 gave us” but I won’t do that. Although it was extremely short it was still freaking amazing. So let us all wait with ravenous anticipation as Studio Nut works diligently on what I know is going to be the best season yet.

The Other Girl by Erica Spindler


Before I begin …
I want to send a very special thank you to St. Martin’s Press, for allowing me the opportunity to enjoy this ARC, and I do hope to be considered for more book reviews.

Let’s begin with the title The Other Girl, at first glance, it made me feel like the main character sort of underestimates herself, and doesn’t have a complete sense of who she is or what she wants for herself. Which in hindsight is very much relatable. How many of us can actually say with certainty that we know who we are? When you stare at your reflection are you comfortable with the person staring back at you, or is there still room for improvement in spite of mistakes and setbacks. The novel was very well written from the POV of Miranda, she pulls you into this incredibly suspenseful roller coaster ride sharing what she considered the highs and lows of her life while not overshadowing her main objective to solve this murder that delves deep into her past and almost shatters her.

The story begins with Detective Miranda “Randi” Rader getting the call to take on the murder of Richard Stark beloved college professor of HSU, and public figure to the small town of Harmony. As the story unfolds Miranda must battle tooth and nail, to keep the sins of her fourteen-year-old past from tearing apart the very image she worked so hard to maintain. With secrets uncovered betrayals near and far and a serial killer on the loose will Randi Rader be able to keep her sanity and solve the case that threatens to consume all, or lose everything she holds dear trying?

Out of all the characters in the novel I would say that Miranda maybe one of the most relatable, she was the type of character, that took charge of her own destiny, she wasn’t going to let her past and where she came from determining it for her, nor who she was going to be for the rest of her life, and the author really made that point shine throughout the novel. I found myself intensely absorbed in her story and forming a bond with her while predicting what would happen next and to which character. I couldn’t put it down until the very end which I did not see coming and would enjoy reading again when I have some downtime. This novel is a MUST READ and would highly recommend!




What’s up everyone, just got home from a long day of work … hope everything’s good with the weather being all crazy. Settled in to play catch up on all the latest episodes I’ve missed and what did I just so happen to see …


well hello!? Ok, i’ll admit I didn’t know right off break that it was just an OVA and that the third season would be released until sometime next year ugh!! I’m so excited and can’t wait to see it but until then I suppose this will have to be my probably short substitute but I shall enjoy it none the less 🙂 … so has anyone else already seen this, or just the show in general and looking forward to season 3? What are your general thoughts on the show and how it’s progressed so far? What are you hoping will happen when season three airs? leave comments down below